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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today I went to Sunway Pyramid~ A shopping mall nearby. To meet up with my 2 precious friends that I missed soooooo much :D wahhhhhhh 3 of us not taking Jan intake, LOL, so we got a lot of free time going out and stuff heheee.

So I pierced my ear. FOR THE THIRD TIME. I pierced 2 on each side, means altogether 4! Wahhhh I don't really feel any pain cause you know, I pierced it before twice *shakes head*. AND THIS TIMEA, I shall not remove my earrings at least a few months! Maybe 3? 5? We'll see. Since now I don't have school anymore, I don't have to worry ^^ Ahhhh and my friend was getting 1 on each side too, she was like "the thing got clean right?" "this shop is safe right?" "will it be painful?" "I didn't tell my mum leh". Hahaa and I called my mum and she said "2 on each side is enough already, don't pierce too much ==" so okay I didn't! Although I wanted to have 3 on one side and 2 on the other -.- blehhhh whatever! 

Hmmm wanted to catch a movie.... But? There's no nice ones :( and those that are STILL OKAY doesn't have the right time slot, so... Movie? Pass. And of course we went SHOPPPPINGGG BABEHHH! Haha what to do else than shopping har? Even window shopping is naiseeee! ;) Well we bought some shirt and accessories and girl stuff hehe. Chatted too! :D Awwwww, I think we'll have some more time hanging out cause now 3 of us are as free as hell.

This sat I'm going to some baking bread course. Wohooooo! Can't wait for it? Hahaa :)
Heart Candies everyone! Heart Candies ♥

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

HOHOHO! Hellooooooo my dear bloggie~ I FOUND YOUUUUU!!

Lols. So its like this, I was looking for this blog forever and forever, YES I MEANT FOREVERRRR, and I just couldn't remember what gmail I used for this acc.. Pathetic right? Yeah -.- Anyways, wheeee! When I decided to make a new ID for a new blog, PHOOOOOM! The gmail appeared when I wanted to sign up, MUAHHAHAHA. I was like.... Oh yeah I did create this ID before... LOL! Then I was figuring my password... As you see, my ID and password is like totally connected -_-'''' so... I got it right the first try~

Okay... First things first! Happy New Year~ LOL I know its been like 15 days past new year, blehh I know but this is MY blog MY world, I can write whatever I write~ aasdjhsnekcuwopqjfcnsdka!! *childish...* Phew~ I finished SPM last year BOOOYAHHHHH! so that means I gotta go for college this year... But uhh I don't know I'm not going for Jan intake 'cause.. I haven't rest enough yet? Haha. Blah blah~

So I'mma spend these days slacking at home SINCE I haven't get my driving license yet TT^TT I know right? Wanna go out and meet friends but.. *sniff* transport problem.. UGHHHHHH. MUST CONTROL. Anyways, better spend my time packing my seriously seriously untidy house, *cough especially my room.. cough* 'cause Chinese New Year is near~~ Yes I celebrate CNY means I'm a chinese zz.

Lalala. Just blogged to express my EXCITEDNESS for finding back my blog. LOL. YAY~~~ :]
Heart Candies everyone! Heart Candies ♥

Friday, 22 June 2012

Currently in class, day-dreaming. Econs. Teacher's discussing our test paper, which is sho bored!  Too detailed explaining. Can't she teach something new? I was looking a little forward to this class 'cause I threw away a chance to participate in a preparation for an huge major event! How the hell should I know she was going to talk about the paper and not teaching? I think it's gonna take the whole class time. OMFG. This gonna be one of my greatest regrets in my life for not joining the preparation. FML.

Afters I'm having another class TT usually people love friday, but why mine is so not eoyable? I can't even watch Music Bank live! :'( Life's tough. Tskkk tskkk.
Heart Candies everyone! Heart Candies ♥

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Too tired to start a new post on my new blog! Yes its new but I'm so tired now, so frustated with other things, just wanted create a blog so that I can blog it later, which means next time. SERIOUSLY, wae life have to be so damn hard? :(
Heart Candies everyone! Heart Candies ♥


I'm Son YaeLin :)

Welcome to Hearts Candies! YESH I made up this name myself! Cool? :P Anyways, this is my blog, my rules, my world :) No ripping, no spamming, or any childish act. I ban those people. Don't like it, click the [x] mark above!

OKAY OKAY, wae so serious? Haha. I welcome everyone here ;) and comments left are much appreciated ♥. But really, who would find this small little isolated page? Unless I tell them to right? Well, I won't! Hehe. That's more fun this way right? *smirk*

Ahnyeong! I'm an ordinary little (okay maybe not THAT little) girl that lives in a cozy house over that street. I love green SHO MUCH. I wish to be rich someday. Thats right, RICH! So that I can shop all day and buy all the things I want T^T :D

Jay Chou is my life and BigBang stays no.1 and I'm forever an Inspirit


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